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Ecotherapy is a form of therapy that emphasizes the healing power of nature. Sessions are conducted outside to promote healing while enjoying the natural environment. There are many benefits to ecotherapy practices, including improved moods and reduced stress levels.


Research shows that nature can help people who have experienced trauma or chronic stress manage their symptoms and improve their mood. Studies also show that interaction with nature can improve not only attention and memory, but reduce depression, anxiety, stress symptoms, and increase empathy.


The idea behind ecotherapy is that the brain and the body are connected, and natural environments provide therapeutic benefits. When we are surrounded by nature, our body's instinctive response is to relax. As you stroll through nature, you can unplug from screens and daily distractions, and deepen your appreciation of your surroundings.

As you become mindful of your surroundings, your appreciation turns to gratitude. The simple act of being grateful is key to realizing our connection to the natural world. The more fully we are engaged, the deeper the potential for meaningful, enduring growth and change.

Jomie uses a number of ecotherapy practices and frequently assigns "homework" that involves tasks such as getting outside more often or keeping a nature journal. She utilizes self-directed coaching so you can let go of negative feelings and rediscover your goals and talents.

Contact us for an questions or concerns. We Are here to go on this journey with you.

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