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About the Practice

Traditional Psychotherapy

Jomie comes from a Person-centered foundation of therapy, meaning she believes each individual has the capacity and desire to make life changes. Read More



Ecotherapy is a form of therapy that emphasizes the healing power of nature. Sessions are conducted outside to promote healing while enjoying the natural environment. There are many benefits to ecotherapy practices, including improved moods and reduced stress levels. Read More

Experiential Therapy 

Jomie is a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) who focuses on active experiences for children and adults. She has received extensive training in experiential and play therapy techniques, such as sandplay, art, games, and drama in healing. Experiential therapy is based on a variety of psychological theoretical frameworks, including Adlerian, Gestalt, Jungian, and the Person-centered theory. Read More


Wellness and Life Coaching

Coaching differs from therapy in that coaching does not focus on past issues or trauma, anxiety, depression or mental health issues. Instead, coaching helps clients with concerns about career changes, life transitions, wellness and lifestyle changes. 

Read More

Contact us for any questions or concerns. We Are here to go on this journey with you.

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